Talking about business processes, many organizations are trying to exploit all the possible ways, in terms of methodologies and associated technologies, to gain business benefits such as revenue lift, and cost and risk reduction and so on.

We, in Promotu,  are convinced that only a deep knowledge of the existing processess can be considered as the indispensable starting point for any activity performed in order to understand, assess or improve the own way of work, sorting the bottlenecks out and recognizing the needed optimizations to let things run smoothly and seamlessly.

All organizations spend and spent time, energy and resources trying to understand and describe their own processes. But at last they often gather very limited insight into what is actually happening. In practice, a significant gap remains between what is perceived or supposed to happen, and what actually does.

Promotu was formed up to bring into the market a new approach, in an objective and fast track delivery fashion.



Empirical studies have shown that up to 54% of the analysed industrial process models has some kind of  problems....
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The amount of data collected and stored has grown exponentially in the last decade...
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A complex task to deal with is finding the right level of granularity
to guide you when modeling your business processes...
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The complexity of process models not only increases dramatically the opportunity  of errors, but also reduces the capability of analysing them ...
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